desert travelers pic from Chris

My First Short Story


Waiting for something to happen, or waiting for someone to make us happy is a common thread that binds people together.

The most likely waiting can be, finding a better job, overcoming a serious illness, finding true love, having a baby or breaking away from an abusive relationship–the scenarios are endless.  However, if we see ourselves as pilgrims of earthly life, is that what we are truly searching and waiting for?

In the last two years of my mother’s life, she waited to walk again, away from the wheelchair.  Now, I am convinced she is walking eternally the gilded streets of Heaven around the glassy sea of gems.  My friend, Norma, is waiting for all her children–grand and great–to live rightfully with unconditional love and forgiveness.  My personal longing is waiting for my son to discover how much God (and I) love him.

What is your particular “waiting for” moment?

The land we all roam is not our true home and final destination, assuredly, our collective waiting is never in vain.  What encourages me about waiting is the formation of patience by a stirring hope and with that, comes an enlivened element of surprise settling into joy and peace.  Like Isaiah prophesied, we are promised that “all our crooked paths will be straightened and rough ways made smooth.”

So, rejoice!  May all your earthly waiting keep you moving forward towards a loving God.

your scribe for love

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