The Tabernacle

Whenever I would visit my dear Maman Denyse in Miami, I would go for an hour’s walk while her caregiver would prepare her for the day, and I would stop in at St. John Neumann’s chapel for a quick prayer.  The cool air-conditioning would instantly dry off my sweaty body and I would ask Jesus to forgive my exerted countenance although it overjoyed me to rendezvous with Him before the Tabernacle.

I love this airy chapel which became my prayer nook away from home.  On that particular day as I knelt close to the Tabernacle, I noticed how old and tattered the wood  was splintering around its edges.  With sadness, I vocalized “O my Lord, You surely deserve a more adoring repository!  You always wait for me to visit here,” then I scurried home.  The next day I repeated my usual routine…I was stunned with a jubilant surprise as I entered the chapel and noticed the old Tabernacle had been removed and in its place stood a magnificent gold edifice.  I dropped to my knees in exultation praying “Jesus, you fulfilled my desire to see you enthroned in a more suitable sanctuary”–that really blew my mind!  My heart palpitated with gratitude that now God had a more deserving home as I rushed to share this wondrous experience with mother.

As always, Denyse was waiting for me, ever pretty and happy, ready for our day together as we shared a delicious French pressed Bustelo coffee and lots more.  I described how exquisite the new Tabernacle appeared in the domed stain-glass chapel.  The doors depict Jesus as the Lamb of God–our Shepherd–who takes away the sins of the world.  Six months later, mother’s funeral Mass was celebrated there, and I’d like to believe she saw that splendid Tabernacle in her beloved church as she ascended into Heaven.

This gilded Holy of Holies is forever etched in my heart, so thankful for this spiritual encounter that I dare share with you now.

Jesus waits for me–waits for us all–to visit Him in all the Tabernacles of the world, no matter their outward appearance, wherever He has planted us.

Please, Come, visit your own Tabernacle…Jesus is waiting for You there.

O Treasure of Heaven!  Most Holy Tabernacle!

your scribe for love