Vive USA and Vive la FRANCE!


I am an American and French hodgepodge

From father in Pittsburgh to mother in Avignon, I embrace all things eclectic

I am from world travelers to loving being a domestic hermit

From creative inspirations to cooking from scratch

I am delighted with a soft vanilla ice cream on a hot summer’s day

From Vin rouge, baguette and Brie to grilled cheese sandwich

From heaven and earth

I am from the heart writing “love letters” to God

in thanksgiving for my life.

your scribe for love


O, have you ever experienced the enigma of a postcard?

As I glanced upon this vivid postcard, my heart bounced with gladness like a hopping bunny rabbit, because I had already written a story to which I could relate to it.  These dancers aroused my curiosity to find them from Mockba, Russia.  This is how I connected the postcard to my previous writing.

On an recent February Sunday, Mother Nature was tickling my senses with a preview of Spring to come.  It was unseasonably mild in temperature, to the point of opening my living room windows to let in the warm breeze with sunshine galore streaming in.  With pensive lyrics chanting in the background, my mind and body surged to get up and sway to the music and with each prancing, these thoughts flowed onto paper like a babbling brook…this is my

O glorious Sunday afternoon

Like David, the music sways my body to dance

My arms reaching to Heaven

Your Love, God, tickles my feet off the ground

Beating like a drum, my heart soars to the Promised Land

Your Grace lifts me higher and higher

Sweeter than good wine, better than gold or diamonds

I move to and from full of joy and hope

Nothing holds me back

I can almost flutter and fly like a golden butterfly

Nothing compares to your Love

Only You can satisfy

Together, we can do anything

Your Kingdom awaits us

O glorious Sunday afternoon

A perfect moment of ecstasy!

Now, can you picture how this postcard is like a chain link fence to my poem?  These  silhouettes animate my poetic lines like the last piece to a puzzle.  They made that “Sunday moment of ecstasy” real.  The enigma lies in that God is always participating in my writings.  Assuredly, God is also partaking in each of your life’s stories.  How marvelous we have HIM as our creative ally.

your scribe for love