Dear Maman Denyse, these tulips are for you.  Thanks for bringing this memory into mind for this story.

As I happily anticipated new flooring to be installed in our home while removing all furnishing, I gazed at the expansive living room with the stonewall encasing the fireplace.  That day was so mild, sunny and breezy so I let up the windows.  As I began to soak warm suds into the crevices of each stone, I noticed their unique pattern placed upon the wall.  Their shape, color and texture were variegated.  Silently I asked myself, “why had I waited so long to clean them?”  As the breeze quickly dried each stone, I felt caught up to discover God’s wonderful nature on our wall.  The sunshine peering through the windows seem to make the clay and slate stones come alive.  Peace followed.  I resumed washing the stones and felt God’s Love warming me all over like a crackling fire piling up ashes.

The chore that I took on that beautiful wintry day blossomed into a surprising blessing, of just how providential my life is with my husband in our cozy home.

On this Mother’s Day, I thank you, I miss you terribly, dear Mother — you who taught me how to enjoy and love everything about my womanhood.

your Scribe for Love