Dear Maman Denyse, these tulips are for you.  Thanks for bringing this memory into mind for this story.

As I happily anticipated new flooring to be installed in our home while removing all furnishing, I gazed at the expansive living room with the stonewall encasing the fireplace.  That day was so mild, sunny and breezy so I let up the windows.  As I began to soak warm suds into the crevices of each stone, I noticed their unique pattern placed upon the wall.  Their shape, color and texture were variegated.  Silently I asked myself, “why had I waited so long to clean them?”  As the breeze quickly dried each stone, I felt caught up to discover God’s wonderful nature on our wall.  The sunshine peering through the windows seem to make the clay and slate stones come alive.  Peace followed.  I resumed washing the stones and felt God’s Love warming me all over like a crackling fire piling up ashes.

The chore that I took on that beautiful wintry day blossomed into a surprising blessing, of just how providential my life is with my husband in our cozy home.

On this Mother’s Day, I thank you, I miss you terribly, dear Mother — you who taught me how to enjoy and love everything about my womanhood.

your Scribe for Love


This dream is still fresh in my mind where I noticed a crowd of people walking towards a filtered light ahead of them while many others ran away willy-nilly.  In the center of their path I recognized Him holding a staff — you are our Good Shepherd, I mused silently.  Most of the people walked toward the light, but those who didn’t fell to the ground.  When I awoke, without further ado, I gratefully tucked the dream into my heart until it re-emerged today.

Sunday is wonderful.  Why? you may ask, bearing in mind that our world points to the contrary:  Nations disintegrating, peoples raging in violence, free speech under attack and worse a rising push for nuclear might.

Like my dream unfolding before me, the Good Shepherd with staff stands center against the world’s chaos to lead us out of darkness into lush pastures.  With loving kindness, may I encourage you to be attentive to your dreams and benefit from them considering your life’s goals.  No matter how the “thief may come in the night to steal, slaughter and destroy,” we have the Good Shepherd who walks ahead of us, who defends us, who knows us one by one, and who invites us to be a good shepherd to one another so we can follow Him who wishes to give us Life in superabundance.

Good Shepherd Sunday  is glorious, victorious, for us all!

your Scribe for Love


Kindness Randoms…On any given Sunday morning, my beloved husband, John, oftentimes surprises me with an unusual bouquet of flowers.

These six long citrine colored irises were absolutely breathtaking.  I queried him, “where did you find them?”  His response astonished me, “well, dear, I walked out of the store with two bouquets for you when passing an elderly lady who said, “are these for me?”  John replied, “would you like them?”  “O yes, she answered and he placed the two bouquets into her grasping hand, she thanked him with a broad smile and he felt her joy.  He then returned to the store and the cashier noticing him said, “what happened to your flowers?”  He repeated the encounter with the stranger and told the cashier he needed another bunch.  The cluster of irises caught his eyes grabbing them quickly.  As he approached the counter again, she said, “your wife is very fortunate.”

God knows, I am!

My husband’s generous heart made the lady happy and when he gave me these gorgeous irises, I knew how blessed I am to have such a benevolent spouse.

Random kindness is one way to keep Sundays holy.

your Scribe for Love