KUDOS TO SHARON GRAHAM, my docent Benefactor

Have you ever pondered about who you are truly and how to make sense of your life? Not by defining career goals but by delving into your heart to uncap your creativity.  The art of writing is a noble pursuit.  That is how I responded to a simple flyer entitled “Writing Your Way Home.”  This invitation was “casual and open to all seekers” for two months, facilitated by author and Spiritual Director Sharon Graham — that was the hook for me.  I followed my guarded notion to write stories with the intent of thanking God for my good life.   Magnetically drawn to this class with open mind, my first story was based on a Seattle postcard from my son.  The words tumbled onto the notebook page in less than 5 minutes, how fluid the plot developed as I pressed pen to paper, with tender emotions pouring out of me as I read the story out loud.  As Sharon urged us to “always write from the heart,” a whisper tickled my ears with a message of “write a collection of short stories” then a flood of topics and persons flashed into my memory. She was on point — “we were all called” to be there that Autumn evening.

Fast forward, our 8th session will resume in September.  We are a handful of original seekers still hooked on writing, exploring all art forms to birth a story.  We also write Haiku, which has become a favorite expression on my blog.  We boldly reveal our personal life lessons — all of them poignantly beautiful.

The art of writing is blazingly personal.  All my stories thus far were already nestled in my heart before I began this journey with God.  Now, I garner all promptings quickly in my notebook, allow the Spirit to work in me and voila!  Daringly, each time I have something to write about.

Come, try your hand at writing, even if you feel you don’t have talent.  Let yourself be surprised, unlock your heart, reveal your unique spirituality, let art project your life experiences and just begin writing.  Your life is well worth telling!

For “Writing from the heart is pleasing to God and gives Joy to my soul.”

your scribe for love