GOD’S CREATION – who are we, that each morning You fill us with your renewing mercies to accomplish our daily life.

UNCHANGEABLE FATHER – who are we, that You love us so perfectly, knowing us even before we were formed in our mother’s womb, each of us traveling in varying directions from continent to country, culture to language, from city, town or outback to anything in between.

ALMIGHTY SAVIOR – who are we, splintered by opposing values, contradictions and weak in faith, gasping for air – temporal sustenance – while family, society, government and country are under assault.

MERCIFUL ONE – who are we, who labor in trepidation and unexplained sufferings that only our gaze upon the Holy Cross can refresh us from pain to comfort.

BISHOP OF OUR SOULS – who are we, struggling with identity crisis, not as the world screams for more wealth, agelessness and power, but to find and fulfill our personal mission to live harmoniously towards paradise.

HOLY SPIRIT OF PROMISE – who are we – in all generations – that You are the air we breath and your Love stamps us with safety.

MIGHTY IN BATTLE – who are we, but your frail children.  Come save us.  Forgive our transgressions, fill our hearts with grace, compassion and forgiveness.  We still have time to change.  One by one, we can blare a trumpet, dispense random charity, smile, hug, be prayerful.  Unrelenting is our potential to reinforce God’s chain of Love to effect hope and healing.

KING OF GLORY – we belong to You.  Let us recommit our existence to goodness and justice.  Let us drop our weapons and damaging vitriol.  Let us crush the axis of evil for world peace, Amen.

your scribe for love