A Short Story

Come!  Follow this stony white path and join me on the warm wooden bench in this colorful garden…that I may share a secret with you.

See how my loyal Fido hunts for sweet whiffs of flowers.  I have sat in this peaceful oasis all my life.  It beholds loving memories of my upbringing in Provence, France, to this present moment.  My eyes continue to relish the vibrant and lush panorama.  This is where God smiles at me, or frowns sometimes, yet we abound in rich rendezvous.  Here I can be real with myself and be present to Him.  He waits for me with such gentle patience, no bounds to express my concerns.  Our restful garden spot is my very own Mount Carmel where I can soak in all the wisdom I need to live out my life.  This is home where Grace paves the way for my eternal rest.  I’m so glad you sat with me on the bench to experience this mystical garden.  Hopefully, you come away refreshed and happy.

your scribe for love