By Georgia O’Keefe, 1928

An Expose – Soul

At first glance, these “oriental poppies” captivated my senses especially the black center when suddenly the word “soul” jumped out of these scalloped petals…let’s see where this will take us.

Have you ever wondered about your soul, how it looks, and where is is in the body?  The soul is the life of each person, perhaps like the unfathomable black holes in these poppies, that invisible and immortal “something” that lasts forever after death.  The person’s soul beholds the breath of life, mind and reason, affections, feelings and emotions comprising its unique personality and character.

So, where is the soul?  A likely guess, in the heart; however, when the heart stops beating, might the soul be in the mind closely connected to the heart?  Recalling, once during meditation, I noticed I was being taken somewhere I had never been before, a pristine, peaceful place.  Back then my life was topsy-turvy.  After a long spell, I felt my heart jolted back into my bosom, eyes blinking wide open, I knew I had visited a place like I imagine paradise to be.

I believe the soul is where one receives a sweet inner longing for something greater than one’s self, like beauty, truth and possibly God.  The soul protects us even if we may choose an unlikely path for a while.  Divine is the moment a person discovers his or her soul for therein lies wisdom and eternal happiness.   No doubt, Georgia O’Keefe painted her soul in this brilliant canvass when she said, “I decided that if I could paint a flower in a huge scale, you could not ignore its beauty,” she was right.

What is it that you desire from your special soul?

When asked, “what do you want?  Author Cassandra Clare answered, “Just coffee, Black, like my soul.”

May you be well with your everlasting soul!

your scribe for love