The Ladies of the Lake Outside Jodhpurs, India

Part of ‘Project India’ 2017 by Jon She

The Vicarious Camera at Edge of Humanity Magazine

Photograph Expose’

My eyes are fixed on these eclectic silhouettes while the Celeste blue sky reflects onto the lake surrounded by desert pebble sand.  These 12 veiled Indian women are adorned in vibrant layered, sheered sari, their arms sparkling with variegated bangles.  They seem delighted to squint at the camera against the bright sun.  Their faces each denote a special wonderment, perhaps even a thrill to be photographed.  These women are richly attired compared to the arid landscape around them.  Struck by their bold accoutrements, I wonder if their myriad shades of purple and magenta denote their special status, and might the one wearing red be a newly-wed, while among them stands a young person in yellow gold.  I know little about their culture, yet I marvel at their exotic beauty enhancing this oasis.

Thank you, Jon She, for taking me on this brief exciting excursion of your ‘Project India’.

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