This morning I awoke with a mystical desire to reach out to all of you, my brothers and sisters of other world religions.  And although I am far from being an expert on this subject, please bear with me as I share a deep desire to express the importance of creating a harmony between the Christian traditions and those of the Eastern religions.

With that said, I instantly remembered reading long ago the book “The Good Heart” by His Holiness The Dalai Lama written in collaboration with Dom Lawrence Freeman, OSB, and the World Community for Christian Meditation.  This inter-religious dialogue took place at the John Main Seminar in 1994 with the aim of building true friendship to form a fruitful discourse with The Dalai Lama commenting on the Gospel passages of Jesus Christ.

What came out of this meeting is something we ought to re-address now.  These two great spiritual men courageously agreed that true friendship builds on fruitful interchange of beliefs while false friendship only produces distorted fellowship and peace. They also concurred that true friendship respects the differences as well as the similarities of each other’s religious principles and traditions, adding the “harm of tolerance of parallel absolute truths.”  They surmised that their dialogue was to exercise ‘silence’ where “uniqueness and difference, along with all other dualities, coincide.”  They met in union that “respects and fulfills differences and transcends division.”  In achieving this ‘silence’ together, these holy men reached that ‘the notion of a personal God is acceptable,” and that ‘silence’ produces WISDOM then LOVE then PEACE.

Since December 1st, I have joyfully written about my personal experiences and customs about Christmas, yet have failed to be attentive to you who do not celebrate this Christian holiday–please forgive me for that.

I thank the universal Holy Spirit for placing this desire to contemplate and share with you, my dear readers, some essence of what is contained in this hopeful and bridging book “The Good Heart” which my son Christopher gave me.

We live in a chaotic Millennium — we should not let the differences among all religions cause us divisions.  It would be tremendously advantageous if all peoples could focus more on attention to orphans, needy refugees and save nature; if all peoples could meditate more in silence in order to receive more wisdom, and if we could accept the differences in all human beings, which in turn, could solve our universal problems.  Then would Peace truly be established.

I humbly release here my morning wish for harmony among all religious believers.

…an urgent call for everyone…

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