A Mysterious Recollection


A weekend retreat leaving worldly cares behind

Jesus, I am broken, please heal me.

The logging, meals and chanting prayers are welcoming; the required ‘silence’ gives me repose…so sleepy am I, covered with a special warmth.

The dawning chill nudges me up – and – I see You

‘Infant Jesus’

sitting at the end of the bed

you are so royal, your presence radiates as we chat at length in French, but I can’t remember what we shared…

A deep chill wakes me seeing the door ajar

I leap to see if anyone is in the hallway

 no, not a soul – how can this be???

I remember locking the door last night.


This visitation occurred 20 years ago today, those tribulations were immense and Jesus came, healed me and set me free…



Several years ago a dear Friend gave me this statue, confirming what occurred at the retreat, and my humble sharing is affirmation  to all of you reading the blog that God loves You very much.  Together, we can love more, especially those who do not love us, and our efforts will surely improve the world we live in.  If you have a likely story, please share it with us…Love shared will make us God’s sacred people…gratefully, your scribe for love, truth and peace.