A miracle story…February 11, 2014

Visiting my mother for her birthday was always a great celebration for our family.  That evening a ‘healing’ Mass was scheduled and during the day I felt the invitation ‘important’ for my family to attend…but with my brother always running late and my mother always waiting patiently for him, mother said, ‘hurry and go for us.’

As Mass progressed, my heart swelled with petitions seeking God to heal all our wounds and a special need, dark circles that twirled over my eyes for a long time.  The anointing of the Chrism oil over me began its effect as I returned to the pew noticing that the black circles were gone.  I ran home, mother and brother enjoying supper but before joining them, I rushed to a mirror to see my eyes, so sparkling were they, and lo and behold!  Jesus’ face stared back at me, WOW!  what a miracle!

I wanted to share this ‘good news’ with my family, instead, I rejoiced silently, reverently at table with them thinking they would not believe me…I couldn’t wait to retire to thank God for His goodness!

Today’s morning prayer offers:  “The lamp of the body is your eye.  When your eye is sound, then your whole body is filled with light, but when it is bad, then your body is in darkness…Luke 11:34…suddenly this miracle came to mind and I humbly share it with you…

Thank you for visiting your scribe for love, truth and peace

PS:  I would love to hear about your miracle story….