What might a recipe for peace entail in 2018?

Might it be, by acknowledging the hurts of others before one’s own pain?  Possibly.

Might it be, by first forgiving others after addressing our own faults?  Perhaps.

Might it be, by seeking our enemies and doing some good for them?  Maybe.

Might it be, by sprinkling compassion on the mix that we might create an aura of peace?  Hopefully.

The Desert Fathers and hermit followers possessed this recipe for peace which seems simple enough.  However, the world is a needy place and has lost its virtuous compass.  The world has always been Satan’s playground and he knows his end is nearing.


Having frolicked in this place  where Vincent van Gogh painted ‘The Starry Night,’ I find no peace in his deep purplish blues and vibrant swirling strokes which are like shooting stars reflecting the darkest crosses of his 26 years of life.  Despite that, van Gogh was able to paint the most beautiful and serene images of Provence.  That is what I admire most about him.  In fact, any of his paintings can draw me to a storytelling from my youthful experiences there, so as I gaze into this dreadful ‘starry night’ scene, I gratefully remember the beauty and peace of my childhood.

This is a kind of peace the world yearns for now.

As world people completing the trek through the desert of existence, Grace, Mercy and Peace are promises waiting for us…and there is still time for Peace to be achieved.

Thank you for visiting your scribe for love, truth and peace

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