An Art Expose

The Tree of Life Aboriginal Church Art

by Miriam Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann

O Miriam Rose!  My first glance at your ‘Tree of Life’ bewilders me especially seeing those creepy crocodiles.  Next, a question pops into my mind: ‘who is the mother of all invention?’  In view of the spectacular interpretation of your aboriginal heritage, I dare ask: Don’t we all stem from a certain aboriginal heritage?  A question we ought to ask individually.  Here are my thoughts for believing so.

Amazingly, the earth is 4.543 billion years old and the earliest signs of life on earth is found in Australian sand-stones dated 3.48 billion years ago.  In comparison, the biblical age of the earth is about 6000+ years.  With that in mind, we can approach history versus creation or denial of evolution by asking two additional questions:  (1)  Can we trust in mankind’s measuring of changing ideas or (2)  can we trust in God’s account of the universe as recorded in the Bible?  Of course, and thankfully, we have free will to choose either concept.  Scientifically, radiometric dating has proven unreliable when there is no human record to pinpoint a correct age on matter.  Rather, it becomes more rational to believe the world of God as confirmed in the Bible, despite the many secular opinions that refute and even mock this position.  Again, I repeat the initial question: ‘Who is the mother of all invention?’  My heart echoes:  ‘Thus, says the Lord – heaven is my throne and earth is my footstool.’  (Isaiah 66:1)  For me, God is the answer to this debatable query that Miriam Rose painted in her ‘tree of life,’  is it your question to answer accordingly?

Currently in the process of tracing my own tree of life and knowing my DNA, I see myself  aboriginally rooted in Western Europe, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, even Sicily and Greece.

My last questions is this:  have you thought about creating your own tree of life and passing it along as a gift to your next generations?  This noble exercise will surely surprise and complete you with the likely, hopeful, assertion that God indeed is the mother of all invention and that you and me are mere specks, distinct and unique persons with extraordinary missions within the whole of God’s marvelous creation.

Thank you, Miriam Rose for your unusual painted insights, and thank you all for following me through this spurring awareness…now, I hope you have fun discovering your aboriginal tree of life!

Thank you for visiting your scribe for love, truth and peace