Letting Go to Simply Love Watercolor by Mia Broder

A short Story

LETTING GO – TO SIMPLY LOVE – is letting go of the past and giving way to welcome happiness.

When was the last time you cried out harmful chemicals out of your heart?  Wasn’t it when you rejected yourself as a victim and realized you could not control your life?

I see myself in Mia’s young girl.  I remember the gradual transformation that took place in me when I finally let go of an unfortunate past.  Jesus was calling out ‘Ephphatha’ Be opened.  The more I received God, the more He gave me unparalleled goodness, prosperity and my dreams came true–that’s letting go to simply love.

Mia’s girl is surrounded in royal purple like Jesus’ regal blood-stained robe during His Passion–and my own–in favorite purple color.  She seems to be walking on air as I have on a few stupendous occasions and now as I encounter Jesus daily.  Her dazzling dress is specially tailored with contrasting patterns like my mother would sew for me for special celebrations.  Her fanciful shoes evoke Cinderella wishing to attend the ball hoping to meet her prince charming, like God gave me my Beloved John.  Best are the rainbow buttons with four holes crisscrossing, two of them releasing agony and the other two flooding me with God’s loving hope.  Mia’s buttons are like enamored hearts floating towards Heaven reminding me of my grandmother’s plentiful jar and how she taught me how to sew a button.

Letting go is tough as spitting nails, yet so liberating.  As I began to let go, I learned to lose many, many things only to discover my true self.  Didn’t Jesus let go of everything for all humanity?  Can we not do the same–of letting go of a bad past, whatever the situation,  to thank Him?

My letting go was like pitching a snowball–and I cannot throw–to joyfully picking daffodils.  Simply love creates abundant space for anyone to behold God’s beauty of light and peace.  May this gift of letting go be your own bliss.

Like Mia’s happy mademoiselle, now, that’s all I love to do!

Thank you for visiting your scribe for love, truth and peace

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