Sadly, Alfie is now in Heaven, God comfort his parents!

A Cream Rose for Toddler Alfie and His Parents in the UK

An Expose – Keep Hope Alive!

In this phony, disillusioned world, humanity’s moral compass dangles upside down by frayed threads against evil and corruption.

Seeing toddler Alfie being deprived of every possible means for survival is horrific enough.  What’s worst is seeing his parents being stripped of their parental love to save their son through any alternative means — shame on EU regulations!

We ARE the world; we have God’s given right to exercise HOPE, especially in this particular situation. We should all be expecting miracles – not governments regulating our existence — global socialism is NOT the answer to our collective broken cultures.  While evil promotes the culture of death, Hope in God is the only remedy.    The human family is marvelously made.  Our individual lives have great value.  With Hope, let’s take back what God has given us – Love, Compassion, Mercy and Grace.  Therein lies our strength to combat the evil powers and restore goodness.

We all live within space and time, then one day, we will transition into infinity.  Jesus tells us:  “…have Faith in God, there are many dwelling places…I go to prepare a place for you and I will come back again and take you to myself.”   John 14:1-6

With Hope, we are urged to journey into this present darkness, no matter how rocky our future may hold.  This requires us to acknowledge that the people around us are our Hope – our brothers and sisters.  Our soul searching for the light of Truth and Peace will not be in vain.  Let us never, never give up on Hope and God.


A Prayer for Alfie, his parents and us – the entire world

O King of the Universe

In your great Mercy

Forgive our sinfulness

Heal our brokenness

and renew our hearts

that we may be made one in YOU, amen.

Thank you for visiting your scribe for love, truth and peace



Gardens of the Adachi Museum of Art by Adachi Zenko





…Mr. Zenko’s ‘Living Art’ is seen through the museum’s wood framed windows…

“The secret to making yourself stronger is to absorb

the strength of the people around you.”

…Adachi Zenko…