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Have you ever pondered about who you truly are and how to make sense of your life? Such is the noble pursuit – the art of writing – which addresses these lively questions.

Three years ago seems like yesterday, when I responded to a simple flyer entitled “Writing Your Way Home.”  This invitation was “casual and open to all seekers” facilitated by an author/spiritual director.  During the first session I committed to the notion of writing to thank God for my good life.  My first story was inspired by a Seattle postcard I had received from my son.  The words tumbled onto the notebook page in less than 5 minutes.  How fluid the plot developed as I pressed pen to paper, with tender emotions pouring out of me as I read the story out loud… Lesson #1 – “always write from the heart.”

Fast forward, our original group of five meets twice a year exploring all literary and art forms to improve our writing skills.    We boldly reveal our personal life lessons — all of them poignantly beautiful.

Lesson #2 – Writing blazes a personal trail of storytelling.  Now, I garner all promptings quickly in my notebook, allow the Spirit to work through me and voila!  This blog spot is alive and each day I daringly have something to write about…

I wish to thank everyone, especially ‘my Delight,’ who supports me in this imaginative endeavor.

Life is well worth telling!


“Write through the brain and goes/slide to the heart.”

…Maya Angelou…


sincerely, your happy and grateful orchid