Dreamlike Dimensions by Sabrina Garrasi

A Short Story

Becoming Unleashed

‘Are you coming to hurt me?  as I approach a manly figure.  O, just a bad dream to shrug off.

Morning unfolds as I prepare to attend a book study on “Becoming Unleashed – How to receive everything the Holy Spirit wants to give me” by author Sonja Corbitt.

As Sonja reveals the theme of her book – Jesus Christ acquiescing to His crucifixion for the redemption of all sin, the dream resurfaces.  Who is trying to hurt me?  How is Jesus going to unleash the Holy Spirit upon me now?  Focusing on what is being said, I close my eyes and acknowledge Christ’s act of redemption for me – but I know that  already – then unexpectedly a burning unction of peace covers me, eyes flooded with tears.

I share this story because it impresses a universal message:  a whisper saying – Stop condemning yourself .  Thankfully, this strange dream foreshadows my becoming unleashed…now I relish the freedom it has given me.

If anyone feels an urge to be unleashed, for whatever, I humbly offer this suggestion.  Just ask Jesus to set you free, the Holy Spirit will do the rest, and you will, no doubt, experience a greater intimacy with God that will carry you through all eternity, amen.

My heart sings to share this Grace moment with you…thank you,

your scribe for love, truth and peace