This morning I was delightfully surprised to respond as a Mystery Blogger thanks to my unique friend Dicemaned…I love his edgy expressions which oftentimes piggybacks on my demure thoughts…that’s what makes our exchange plain fun…so with his encouragement, allow me to continue with a happy heartfelt ‘Thank You.’

Visiting him at Writing with probability

will be worth your time.

I began ‘writing my way home’ three years ago when I joined a writers’ group that ultimately evolved into this Scribe for Love, Truth and Peace blog spot – an oasis for sharing my love for God and to thank Him for my life.  My aim is to write simple from the heart.  Actually I am astonished by the wonderful support of my faithful readers,  and learning from – YOU — keeps me writing every day!

Dicemaned, Great questions!

1. What kinds of writing habits or strategies do you use?

God is my major inspiration – through prayer and spiritual reading.  Life’s experiences also form my storytelling.  Whatever comes to mind in a word, thought or action from HIM,  I formulate either into a Haiku  or prose then release it to the world.   This is God’s work through little ol me. . complimented with all the beautiful Art the world beholds…writing is my daily dose of Joy.

2. If you could travel anywhere in the world for free, where would you go and why?

I would take and show my beloved husband John where I was born and grew up in France and Europe, next take him to the Holy Land and then go to Korea where he served in the military.  Because of all those places, we will truly understand how we became who we are now to each other….that is on our bucket list.

2.  When you aren’t writing, what kind of hobbies do you enjoy?

Every breath I take each day, whether by praying, cooking, interior decorating, exercising, walking, reading, gardening, playing with our Lema girl dog or being still, becomes a springboard for writing whatever my heart feels, with a notebook and pen at hand.

3.  What kinds of blogs are you interested in?

I am very faithful to my fellow bloggers and communicate with them on a regular basis to promote their works, plus they teach me so many interesting things that often inspire me to write more and more Haiku.

4.  Which novel has had the most impact on your life…and why?

Besides the Holy Bible, the City of God by Mary of Agreda has influenced my personal spirituality in learning the divine history of Mary the Mother of God.  So numerous are the books that I have read to form my conscience – the Desert Fathers,  The Interior Castle by Teresa of Avila, Poustinia by Catherine de Hueck Doherty, Rumi’s poetry, the Good Heart by the Dalai Lama — the list is endless — and still have much to learn from the rest of the Masters.

Here are my nominees to continue the challenge if they so wish:

Thank you for your consideration.  I will contact each of you personally to confirm your participation.

The nominees’ questions are:

1.  What prompted you to begin writing and how does it make you feel?

2.  What is the mission of your blog and how has it changed your personal life?

3.  What is your particular writing style and in what ways do you challenge your writing experience?

4.  How does writing help discover your unique self?

5.  What is the most fun and rewarding experience writing has given you thus far?

I conclude by thanking you, Dicemaned, for thinking of me in this lofty manner…hoping to do you justice…with a big smile

truly,  your scribe for love, truth and peace




Lady Bug in Pansy

Free Verse

The harp sways my body to dance, my arms stretches heavenward

O God, your love tickles my feet off the ground

My heart beats drums to the Promised Land

Your Grace lifts me higher, sweeter than good wine, better than gold or diamonds

Moving to and fro, there’s nothing holding back, fluttering like a lady bug

Your Love – Song of Dance satisfies!