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The ‘Art of Dying well’

by Saint Robert Bellarmine

St. Bellarmine drew from Scripture some guideposts on how we can live and always be ready to meet Christ.  Here is what I gleaned from his writings:

  • Live well to die well – now is the time
  • Die to the world – detach from the good things of this life by a moderate love of them
  • Promote Faith, Hope and Love – be selfless charity toward others
  • Be knowledgeable about death and the coming of the Lord – prepare
  • Be good steward of wealth – help the poor
  • Live soberly, justly and compassionately
  • Cultivate daily prayer

“It is His breath that is in us, and when He wants to, He will take it away.”

-Pope Clement I-

Our lives and our final hour are in God’s hands