Rooster Short Story

As soon as I discovered this colorful rooster postcard, it revived one of my mother’s ‘war’ stories.

During the last world war everything was rationed but luckily my grandmother owned a farm in the countryside.  The tenants sent word that some eggs, butter and a chicken could be had.  So Denyse rode her bicycle up the hillside to collect the precious provisions.  On her return home Mother barely made the curfew when a German soldier stopped her – what trepidation her heart must have felt.  Then explained she felt she had no choice but to ‘turn on the charm’ so he would let her go – he did – without even noticing the satchel behind her –  thank God! Or I wouldn’t be writing this story.  Denyse pedaled so fast to the finish line while noticing my grandmother waiting for her with the gate wide open.

Mother said the worst part of this story was having to ring the chicken’s head; she couldn’t do it and Mame Jeanne had no choice – they both were very hungry but most of all very grateful.