Painting by Michel Keck

What Is God Up To?

WHAT???  That can’t be – another scandal?

The resurgence of new reports of clerical sexual abuse within the Roman Catholic Church deeply disturbs me.  Every person should feel shattered by this recurring  horrendous transgression.

Pope Francis’ Open Letter to the People of God should rally everyone to come together in prayer and fasting in reparation for these ‘atrocities.’  His letter can be read at the Vatican News.

Jesus teaches that when one member suffers, all suffer together.  Proverbs 22:8 warns “Whoever sows injustice will reap calamity.”  “Where sin abounds, grace abounds much more” Romans 5:20.  Especially now, we are called to be gentle enough to affirm that God is the ultimate judge of all wrongdoing.

However, we, the people of God, individually and collectively, can bring about comfort,  real changes and foster healing for the countless victims by praying daily; by walking the walk with God fearlessly and with conviction to live righteously.  We should stay alert and notice the signs of abuse or neglect all around and bring it to light.

Once and for all – the Church has total responsibility to end the status quo for these abominations, and their perpetrators warrant immediate and proper adjudication for their crimes.

On August 25th, Pope Francis will attend The World Meeting of Families in Ireland.  There he plans to meet survivors of sexual abuse and address this issue in a speech.  The world will be watching.

God is up to purifying the world

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Let us Pray

Gentle Jesus, Shepherd of Peace

Remove all sufferings of those abused by the clergy

Restore their faith and ours in God

and gather those around them with constant

supplication for healing and restoration.

Most Precious Blood of Jesus

Cover your people with forgiveness

And grant us your Salvation, Amen.