Scribe for Love, Truth and Peace

Wishes to Thank You! Manuela In a Love World

For this Liebster Award August 27, 2018


Manuela’s blog is very well known as the ‘Love’ center

for inspiration in all aspects of life.  You will be

more than delighted when you visit her



What a generous honor this award is for me.

The rules are simple:

Thank and link the person who nominated you

and provide 11 random facts about yourself.  Here is my response:

As humble servant, I write to encourage divine dialogue in thanksgiving for a good life; and to share Haiku and short stories with beautiful art by:

Seeing God in everyone

Spending time in meditation

Keeping life simple

Seeking truth and keeping it real

Being generous to others with random kindness

Being a loyal friend

Enjoying homemaking and interior designing

Growing house plants


Walking, reading and writing every day according to the Good Lord’s inspiration

Rather than suggesting specific nominees, I welcome and encourage anyone who is familiar with my blog to come forward and accept this Liebster Award for themselves, so don’t be shy!

This is a wonderful opportunity for YOU to shine your creativity and introduce your unique blog mission.  Don’t miss out on the growth experience it will provide.  Your participation will bring me Joy! and will surely bless our community Bloggers – So, be bold and just do it!

Manuela, I truly thank you for sharing this award with me.

yours truly “writing from the heart pleases God and gives Joy to the soul”

sincerely, your Scribe for Love, Truth and Peacecheynne spirit echinacea flowers

You are all my bouquet of Joy