A Lovely Door in Cortona, Umbria, Italy

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Short Story

Between Friends

It happened recently that a friend became sad in acknowledging a sense of detachment between us.  I shared with her ‘that sadness is part of detachment for those whom we love the most but must somehow let go for a time.’

I know this lesson very well; God uses it all for a greater good not yet ready to be revealed.  I urged my friend to dwell on Joy instead.  Nothing is lost between us – rather just more room to grow in the now and mused that when we meet in Heaven one day, we’ll chuckle all about it with Jesus saying, “I told you so!”

See how a beautiful Italian door can exude a story from one’s heart.

QUOTE from Alexander Graham Bell

“When one door closes, another opens.”

Saint Margaret of Cortona, Pray for us!