World Map Ancient Wallpaper

Continuing in the History of Wall Decoration

During the Middle Ages (500-1066), the Anglo-Saxons took the lead after the fall of the Roman Empire, exemplified in this Bayeux tapestry:

Edward the Confessor

Edward The Confessor, Anglo-Saxon king of England, 1070s.From the 14th to the 16th centuries, Western tapestry and wallpaper flourished throughout Europe, mainly in Germany, France, Belgium and England.  I remember seeing this representation in many European castles.

Amazingly, Medieval women in battle are found in this era’s tapestries – like my favorite Saint Joan of Arc.

Scene from the Romance of Lancelot of the Lake. Artist: Gautier  and this one showing a touch of English humor


Transitioning  into the Renaissance Period with this Tempera on Panel located in the Louvre Museum in Paris:


Saint Francis Preaching to the Birds by Giotto di Bondone

To be continued on tomorrow…




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