A Special French Wallpaper

Short Story

Each time I visited with my Maman Denyse over the past 30 years, she would surprise me with a gift from my ancestry because she knew I love my French heritage.  On this momentous occasion, she unraveled from the armoire this patch of wallpaper which I immediately recognized had hung on the walls of my grandmother’s parlor.  You can still notice the shadows of the kerosene lamps that had stained the wall behind the chimney mantelpiece.  “You keep it, I know you will preserve it,” Mother said realizing she was passing along a memory of her mother’s house.  I replied ‘I will frame and hang it in the dining room – there it is to this day.

If you look closely at the design, you will notice various aspects of French country living.  See the lady pressing grapes in the barrel, well, I’ve done that too while spending summers with my grandmother.  My cousin Cri-Cri and I came out of the barrel wildly purpled and satiated by the grapes!

I thank God for being sentimental with an enriching upbringing, which has become a blessing – a treasure trove for writing…and recalling this happy story!

Thanks for listening…