A Short Story

Searching Through The Pain

They say “three strikes and you’re out.” Although the impact was severe, Jeanne braced for it with nowhere to move out of the truck’s path.  She turned her head away from the monster and when it was over, she thanked God she was alive still.  This would be the third accident in her life…the universe unshaken, the shattered glass cascading down her long curls, with a stranger asking her ‘are you okay?’  The woman nodded ever  though her right arm began to swell, rushed to the hospital and now in a long cast for 4 weeks…ugh!

The quivering pain wakes Jeanne before sunrise most mornings now.  She sits in the darkness, she knows this is when she can encounter her Creator.  Her mind addresses him silently with a grateful offering of being alive.  She offers her pain for those who suffer more than her, her sleepy eyes are warm with holy tears of God’s love, this is ‘sacred rhythm,’ pure gift so  undeserved, she tells herself, enduring the pain until it diminishes.

Jeanne perceives the first rays of sunlight through the oak trees in her front yard.  The dark branches change into liquid gold, she forgets the dull aching in her bones and JOY settles in as a treasure for the new day…

to be continued…

QUOTE by Dicemaned

“It’s when the heart breaks that the pen has the most effect.”