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Adapting to the Challenge

A Short Story

November 5, 2018

Three weeks into a cumbersome arm cast, Zaza has two more weeks to have the cast removed.  Unlike the flowing curtain above, she rejects the notion that her predicament is all twisted, although each morning her cast wrap dangles from restless sleep.  Her mind constantly orchestrates what she should do – but can’t.  She has a hard time reading anything.  Silence draws her to meditation, her prayers anchored in the mind then peace overwhelms  her body.  Adapting to this provisional life is her healing.  She claims ‘adapting to the challenge’ is her new mantra – at least for now – The holidays are coming and that excites her.

Come see about the sequel on next Monday.


“If you are what you should be, you will set the world on fire.”

QUOTE by Saint Catherine of Siena