Window Panes of Life

Zaza’s Continuing Saga

November 26, 2018

The view through Zaza’s window pane of life is rapidly changing especially with a less restricted cast on her wrist.  Her fingers are more exposed wanting to join her left companion, but she still can’t pull, twist or open things – 7 weeks behind means closer to physical therapy so she can drive again…foreseeing the taste of freedom of will to be ever so measured.

What’s so amazing – or not – is her heightened spirituality and closeness to the Most High.  Her birthday wish now fulfilled to draw closer to HIM is at hand, literally.  She thanks Him for such a gentle trial purifying her essence to be His bride.  She no longer has ‘to do’ everything by herself.  Her focus is to rest in Him, then come what may.  He reminds her this is her Christmas gift, her season for ‘restoration’ in all things – relationships and good providence.  Yes indeed!  A Christmas Restoration of body, mind, heart and soul…inconvenience and suffering all worth it…Praise God, Alleluia!


Thank you for following her saga…to be continued next Monday

outdoor jewels

“We all are in the hands of HIM who writes straight on our crooked lines”

by Pope Benedict XVI