There is more to the month of December than solitude, dormancy, old age or even death.  All that is for poets to write about.  I’d rather focus on spreading good wishes, being faithful to family and friends and participating in others’ traditions for the end of year holidays.  Children love Christmas in anticipation for Santa Claus’ gifts and parents gladly accommodate their children’s’ wishes.  When I was little, I loved to polish our best shoes, place them at the front door so that the ‘Pere Noel’ would fill them with pralines and chocolate goodies.  I still can’t resist decorating indoors and out and wishing for a couple of snowy days.  This year I won’t be able to craft handmade gifts (because of my broken wrist) but I will phone and chat away sprinkling loving wishes…and stay connected with all of you, my dear friends as I  keep writing to my heart’s content.

I pray YOU enjoy yourselves and experience a happy December and Holy Merry Christmas!

your loving scribe