Short Story


Imagine her girlish gaze upon a gurgling brook streaming down the French Alps.  She is thoroughly refreshed by the pure icy flow and marvels how her childhood is a grace shower from God who forms her destiny. Growing up in a loving, adventurous family, it was easy to travel through Europe and embrace varying cultures.  This springboard was her first place to own propelling herself into an unexpected adult life.

Psalm 24 asks: “Who shall climb the mountain of the Lord?”  I WILL, dear Lord, once fledgling wife and mother despite a rocky marriage.  No choice but to climb over the stones of abuse, ending in divorce for freedom or else she would die!  She couldn’t yet see God’s invisible hands stopping her from drowning – this her second place to own because it was full of miracles.

Psalm 24 continues in asking: “Who will stand in His holy place?”  I WILL, dear Lord for He branded her heart as a ‘daughter of Jerusalem,’ happily remarried, strong, surrounded by holy friendships and now is her current place to own – giving God thanks daily for His utmost joy…until she breathes her last.


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas