Artful Writing

The Buddha by French Artist Odilon Redon (1840-1916)

Isn’t this a fascinating rendition of The Buddha?

In studying this dense art form of Symbolism, Redon uses the effects of light and darkness to take the viewer on a journey according to his imagination.  Then he adds facets of nature to connect the senses with the outer world.  The Buddha and the tree are recognizable while all the other colors create a phantom-like fresco for the mind to interpret the painting.

In his words:

“My paintings inspire and are not to be defined.  They determine nothing.  They place us as does music in the ambiguous world of the undetermined.  They are a kind of metaphor.”  That’s the definition of Symbolism.

Redon had a definite fascination for eastern spirituality


“I have placed there a little door opening to the mysterious.  I have made stories.”

…like writers do with their words…