Moon Fisherboy

THANKS to dear Marta, this post is perfect to reblog for a Happy New Year’s greeting to all who read this…from your scribe for love…and do visit Marta @

Moon Fisherboy

Some of us search for the best moon and stars, electricians looking for some spare parts to screw and plug in again in our hearts, in the sky of illusions.

Some of us have brushes in our hands starting the repair job, painting a new landscape.

Someone laughs at him and at the impossibility but deep inside the boy knows he is a pescallunes, a moon Fisherboy like any other inhabitants of that small Catalan village.

Someone plugs in the sun and when the night comes again stars and moon begin to shine anew.

The mirror of the sickle moon reappears on the river waters.  As the ancient legend tells, a Fisherboy wants to fish the moon and put it in his bucket.

The Fisherboy knows deep inside our world needs more moon catchers like you and me, people with plenty of illusions, dreams and projects!

…let us take on the challenge of the Fisherboy from Catalonia in 2019…

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