The Monastery of the Holy Spirit

Artful Writing

“We are brought thick desserts, and we rarely refuse them.

We worship devoutly when we’re with others.

Hours we sit, though we get up quickly after a few minutes, when we pray alone.

We hurry down the gullet of our wantings.

But these qualities can change,

as minerals in the ground rise inside trees

and become tree, as a plant faces an animal

and enters the animal, so a human

can put down the heavy

body baggage and

be light.”

from The Essential Rumi





Road from Bethlehem to Egypt by Dorothy Riley

Honoring The Holy Innocents

Artful Writing

Fleeing Herod’s raging jealousy, who commanded the death of all newborns in Israel, the Holy Family was warned in a dream to flee to Egypt.  The cries of the Holy Innocents died for the new born Christ.


Let us pray for the protection of all children in danger of famine, war and disasters.