Artful Writing

derieva3  Regina Derieva

Modern Russian Christian Poet (1949-2013)

Regina Derieva was born in Odessa on the Black Sea in 1949.  From a Jewish family living under Communist Soviet Union, she began to write about the harsh realities of her life through poetry.  Meeting and marrying Alexander brought them on a journey to faith in Christ through the persecuted Russian Orthodox Church.  Because her compelling Christian writings came under the KBG’s radar, they emigrated first to Israel then to Sweden where their Catholic conversion flourished.  Her many works, 30 books, essays and poetry have been translated into 8 languages.

I find this poem to reflect her courageous faith in God:

All My Life

All my life

I sought an angel

and he appeared in order to say:

“I am no angel.”


This is her collection of sea shells.  Regina loved the sea saying:

“Water is the ideal apparel.  However many times you get in it, its the same.”