Wishing on a Star Image by EcoSeasons


I am staring at this dreary, frigid day detecting a stirring in my heart to contemplate…on what?  For sure missing the bright warm sunshine…the Creator has set the tone.  In reading this and that, the question pops up – when did I first encounter God?  That’s easy to answer…He was in my childhood everywhere and in everything I lived through in Europe in the varying cultures edified by history, art and architecture.

As I grew older my inklings changed as I faced evil – the sins of the world – to which I had become an accomplice.  Yet I realized a force beyond me was manifesting from my trials.  The Star of Bethlehem twinkled above me and I discovered Christ.

Jesus said to the Leper:  If you want, I can make you clean.


Can you recall your first encounter with God?

Are you stumbling through darkness?

Jesus never runs away from any of us – no matter the circumstances!

I conclude that on any dreary day, God can be found to give us healing and peace.

May God Bless You!