Midway between Winter and Spring

an anonymous poem…

“If Ground Hog’s Day be fair and bright, winter has another flight

If the ground hog brings clouds and rain, winter will not come again


I have always cherished the month of February because I made it vacation time to celebrate my Maman’s birthday.  As the years pass on without her, my memories of us hold me up…some I’d like to write about in the coming days to celebrate her.

Boarding school and surviving the war in France prepped Denyse to live 94 extraordinary years with her American soldier, son and daughter, traveling the world over.  Sunny Miami  is where I spent those last fabulous memories with her.

Her tenacity for going forward in life’s turns and trials remains with me still.  She loved everything that is beautiful, beyond her charm.  Very creative in everything that life tossed her way with a great sense of humor, always elegant…better than ‘la femme fatale.’  I am most like her in faith and fidelity of heart…and each time I think of her, she still overwhelms me with her loving presence…

1076_529f0a901e410_788826df4ba9bd257e612418534b2657f0de9767Le Pont d’Avignon and the Rhone River – I remember well the place of her origin

to be continued…