Artful Writing

Saint Josephine Bakhita

“As the Master desires,” Josephine Bakhita would say her lifelong. At age 9 taken in slavery from her Darfur Sudan home and brought to Italy, Josephine encountered her ‘Divine Master’ through much cruel human trafficking…her back scarred with over 100 blows.  In her words:

“Seeing the sun, the moon and the stars, I said to myself, “Who could be the Master of these beautiful things?  I felt a great desire to see him, to know him and to pay him homage.”

Her gentleness, sweet voice and love of children  eventually gained her freedom, became a Canossian nun, died in 1947 and was canonized a saint in 2000.

…today is a noble remembrance of her sacrificial life…

…most appropriate for Black Heritage Month…