Painting by Danny McBride


A Prayer – I Am From

I am from the Potter’s hand

with no choice but to become one of a kind

From clay He fashioned my bones and flesh

a wondering mind full of desires, yet with temptations of my own design

I am on this journey full of surprises and disappointments

yet given all the love and forgiveness I need

to return to the Potter’s hands

washing me clean for eternity.

In thanksgiving for my life, I write!


…If you have never  composed an “I Am From” poem (Google it) about yourself, you should.  You will discover so much about your essence and, maybe like myself, will write several versions to appreciate your awesome complexity and purpose and love yourself as you are…

humbly, your scribeforlove



Perched on this hilltop in Bosnia Herzegovina is the statue of Mary at Medjugorje, where she appeared to six local children in 1981.  Daily messages continue to be recorded today at this holy repository for world prayers.  There, Mary once said:

“The one who prays is not afraid of the future.”


…the great challenge of ‘not to worry’ constantly hinders mankind, yet Mary urges that prayer overcomes all the worry webs of our lives…such a comforting inkling for lent…don’t you think…?



Abstract Autumn Oil Painting by Scott Naismith


The Perfect Love of the Father

“The eyes of peacemakers are watchful, caring eyes…finding warmth in them like people at the fireside.  They know that dividing a single atom can unleash cosmic warfare.  They also know that there is a chain that links human beings together, and that when one human cell is torn by anger, jealousy or bitterness, the reaction of war can rebound to the end of the universe.”

“But because they believe in spreading love, they know that whenever a little peace is created, there is planted a virus of peace that is strong enough to infect the whole earth.  So they live and move in a twofold joy:

–that of bringing peace wherever they go;

–that of hearing an ineffable voice saying “Father in the depths of their hearts.”


This meditation comes from the writings of Venerable Madeleine Delbrel (1964), a French laywoman dedicated to evangelizing culture and serving the poor…one of my favorite heroines.  Madeleine also said:

“Do good to haters, bless the cursers, and pray for those who mistreat us.”

…a glimpse in how peace can be accomplished…



“The test of love is always what the lover does or is prepared to do for the sake of the beloved.”

Fr. Gerard Vann


…hearts may be tepid but in confessing sins, hearts can be forgiven and set on fire with love…

…may your heart always be filled with mercy and hope…freedom.