The place – The Monastery of the Holy Spirit, Conyers, Georgia, 1952.  On that stifling summer day, Fr. Thomas Francis was among the 90 monks helping to construct the cement monastery as it stands today – and what a manually monumental project that was back then!  Thomas shaking on the ladder reached for the 30-foot ledge realized he had “passed center of gravity.”  OMG!  Life flashing before him, Thomas ushered his guardian angel Sophia who then pushed him to grab the building ledge avoiding a fatal plunge.  He heard a voice say “get a big crowbar, stupid” as he stabilized himself on the ladder and continued to work.  Fr. Thomas never told anyone what had happened that day, so grateful Sophia had saved his young life of 26.

I recently visited with my special friend Fr. Tom who gave me permission to share this awesome angelic story with you, which he had confided in me so many years ago.  As we hugged so long, he exhorted me, “The Beloved is the Holy Trinity, God is Love, this Lent, pray to them.”  I’m doing just that.