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Trees That Speak To Me

Any tree is a splendid gift from God.  Whether small or gigantic, straight or twisted, trees give us the oxygen we need to breath while they remove carbon dioxide from the air.

We and trees have much in common.  We both have cells, genes and chromosomes in order to grow.  We each require water to develop and are affected by the environment, and we reproduce and die.  Gleaning over my life, I quickly recall three unique trees that speak and define me.


The first trees stand tall and sleek, ever so foamy green around fields of intoxicating lavender where I romped as a child in Provence, France.  Ah! majestic Cypress trees, you called me to be free under the hot sun playing with my cousins after enjoying a sumptuous picnic.  Then we fell asleep until it was time to drive home to Avignon.


Seasons passed until I encountered another profound tree standing in the Negev Desert in Israel.  As mother and I descended from the tour bus, I remember being stunned by this lone Acacia tree thriving in the middle of nowhere with no water to be found.  How can that be?  The Lord saying to me “I create what I create.”  From that moment on, our pilgrimage to the Holy Land firmed up my desire to know God more and to love and serve Him better.


Today my residence is surrounded by a mini forest of oak trees which can be viewed by many windows.  Daily do their branches spread with young lime green sprigs surrounding winter nests and squirrels scampering to and from their massive trunks.  These stoic oak trees have been speaking to me for over 20 years, especially when I sit outside cajoling my prayer beads.  They are my heavenly trees beaming love, mercy and trust in God.  They hug me when I am sad; if confused, they shower me with their strength, then when flocks of birds swoon over them, they pour down peace from God.  I know these trees love me and I love them back.

Do you have trees that speak to you?

  I would love to hear your story!