Photo of Kevin Matthew and Broken Mary Statue

On an ordinary day Kevin Matthew was going about his business when he heard a prompting that he should bring home flowers to his wife, and so he did.  As he walked to the parking lot,  Kevin noticed something broken by the dumpster.  There laid Mary’s statue broken in half with her fingers missing.  His heart began to ache like finding out  he was sick with MS.  So he picked up the broken pieces wanting to repair the statue but kept her broken.  Mary’s statue resides at St. Anthony’s Church in Chicago where it is often carried to hospitals and nursing homes to comfort the sick.  Within a year and a half later, Kevin authored “Journey of Hope,” recounting the wonderful experience that Mary’s statue has given him hope to successfully combat MS.  In his words:

“There is hope for the broken.  We’re all broken with flaws, but we’re all loved.”


“The Holy Spirit is remedy for our brokenness; we should make everything holy.”

–Fr. Joseph Mary, EWTN

…isn’t this a touching story to share…