Who is the lover of your soul?

O, let it not be this crumbling world

Let it not be your past that cannot be changed.

Rather, share your humanity that is made in God’s likeness,

Rather, accept everyone where they are at now with love and charity


Who you are is what God intended you to be.

Who is the lover of your soul?


“When we forgive, we resemble God most.”

–Susan Tassone


Sitting Pretty – Serigraph Painting by Patricia Govezensky

I love Patricia’s art because of her flamboyant expressions of being an unabashed woman, and because of her style, am able to extract the resilience and joviality painted in her subjects.


Embrace the unforeseen

Toss out all life’s ironies

Bask in tranquility


“Life is a flower of which love is the honey.”  –Victor Hugo



How amazing are the simple things of life to remind me of an earlier happy encounter that funnily turned sour.  I recall a time when neighbors gave mother a crate full of cherries from their tree.  So we decided to remove the pits to make sweet bread and pies.  We dove into the crate eating more than we pitted.  Then I suddenly saw a tiny worm squiggle out.  By that time, we had eaten  a lot of them – yikes!  I quickly spit it out of my mouth and that was the end of our baking with cherries that day.  Luckily, we didn’t get sick.

I still get my fill of these sweet in-season picks.  Besides, do you know they provide deep inducing melatonin and also calm muscle and joint pain?  Go ahead, have a few bowls of these delectable cherries!


a child’s playful act

dangling cherries over the ears

now sleeping deeply


Oriental Poppies By Georgia O’Keefe


The bold and deep centers of these oriental poppies fire up my imagination to think about my soul.  Do you sometimes ponder about your soul?  Doesn’t the soul denote an invisible and immortal “something” that lasts forever?

I remember a time while meditating as being taken somewhere peaceful I had never been before.  After a spell, I felt my heart jolted back into my bosom, eyes blinking wide  realizing that I had been in a very special place.  I concluded that I had finally discovered my soul.

I believe the soul is where one receives a sweet inner longing for something greater than one’s self like truth and beauty.  The soul protects us even if we may temporarily choose an unlikely path.  Divine is that moment when a person discovers wisdom and happiness in their soul.   No doubt, Georgia O’Keefe painted her soul in this brilliant canvass when she said, “I decided that if I could paint a flower in a huge scale, you could not ignore its beauty.”  She was right.  Her soul is beautiful.

When asked, “what do you want?  Author Cassandra Clare answered, “Just coffee, black like my soul.”

On the radio there is a popular song that sends me each time I hear it with the refrain, “It is well with my soul.”

Indeed, it is well with my own soul.

May you be well with your everlasting soul!