How amazing are the simple things of life to remind me of an earlier happy encounter that funnily turned sour.  I recall a time when neighbors gave mother a crate full of cherries from their tree.  So we decided to remove the pits to make sweet bread and pies.  We dove into the crate eating more than we pitted.  Then I suddenly saw a tiny worm squiggle out.  By that time, we had eaten  a lot of them – yikes!  I quickly spit it out of my mouth and that was the end of our baking with cherries that day.  Luckily, we didn’t get sick.

I still get my fill of these sweet in-season picks.  Besides, do you know they provide deep inducing melatonin and also calm muscle and joint pain?  Go ahead, have a few bowls of these delectable cherries!


a child’s playful act

dangling cherries over the ears

now sleeping deeply