Today I awoke with the word “Rabboni,” similar to this Christ icon.  The dream took me to my mother’s church in Miami – maybe because the day before I had remembered to call my mother’s best friend Gloria for her birthday.   The dream vanished as my brown Labrador nudged me from sleep yet I retained precious memories of serving Maman and Gloria Sunday brunch for many years…which put me in a grateful mood to write about it.


As if you ushered an angel to whisper in my ear

I am your faithful teacher

Wake up to taste and see my goodness

That you may walk above the jagged rocks of your journey

Each day my mystery unfolds before your eyes

Behold my Love and Protection

My Promise for you and everyone you know and love


I am very grateful to have these memories to jump start this day.

Dear Friends, I pray that gratitude greets you each and every day of your life