Writing class in session – A table with 10 different objects is displayed before us.  The assignment is to pick and write about what it inspires in you.  I chose the unusually sculptured brass bell, its sound solid as it echoes me to ‘ring my bell’ fashioned by God.  This bell reminds me of all the curvatures my journey has shaped me to be.  Having experienced many cultures spark my eclectic style, almost like a gypsy embracing new things  to incorporate into my world.  The excitement of constant change brings out my various passions.  My creativity flows with the ringing of the bell, dancing with a joyous love that comes from above.  And if I had wings, I would fly into the heavens and thank God and all my ancestors for the talents they have passed along to me.

Yes! I’m ringing my bell – in gratitude for everything and everyone around me…so free to be free!


Now, you see how much fun I have in this writing class.  Why not try out this challenge with a random object in front of you and see where the storyline will take you.  I would love to read your story!