Whimsical Painting by Henri Matisse


While perusing for catchy art to inspire writing, this Fauvisim fish bowl struck a cord with my essence of long ago while a song was playing in the background saying:  “I’m not what I used to be…”

A victorious flashback –  On a cold March day I had decided to break up a relationship that was going nowhere.  Don’t come back, I told him, but he did.  As he approached me I begged God to break the shackles crushing my heart.  As he placed his hands on my shoulder, I immediately felt freed from him as if he was a stranger I never knew…he never came back.

Seeing these fish swim around such a small bowl reminds me of the miracle I received so many moons ago.  Going around endless circles until I began to pray for help and stepped out of darkness.

Thank God!  I’m not was I used to be – This refrain completes this post:

If what you are doing now offends God – stop it!

If the person you associate with keeps you from God – leave!

If you are in a dangerous place – run from it!


if a thing, person or place draws you closer to God – keep it going!

It’s taking you into your holy realm.

…seven months later God’s goodness led me to my Beloved husband…

sincerely, yourscribeforlove


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