Painting of the Blue Chair by Vincent van Gogh


I wonder, Vincent, was this a restless battle raging in your mind or was it an epiphany?

The single glow of a kerosene lamp mounted on the verdant wall showcases the colorful chair and textured carpet around it.  The chair seems to want to rock except for the weight of the books and the candlestick in the seat.  Vincent, what are you trying to write or paint about with this blue chair?

This painting has hung on my bedroom wall for a long time; however, as I look intently on it now, a heavenly whisper comes to mind.  Designed at the throne of Goodness, God  has a chair for each of us to occupy so we may ponder about the meaning of life.  We are given a lifetime to sit in it and figure out our unique purpose.

There are many wonderful chairs to admire in this world.  For instance, millions of people go to Rome to view the chair of Peter, the Rock.  In contrast there are the horrific chairs burnt in the Holocaust furnaces of our martyred brothers and sisters.  Just recently I shipped an Adirondack chair and side table to my son so he can comfortably read and play guitar.  My own chair is an antique Queen Anne chair, its chartreuse velour is still in good condition.  It evokes my childhood when I sat on my Papa’s lap to learn how to speak and read English.  I sit, meditate, write and sometimes drift into heaven sitting in this chair.  The goodness of God flows from this chair even after all these years and memories it holds. I love the chair God has designed for me.

As I conclude this story, I hope you have discovered you possess your own predestined chair and can reflect the goodness given you.  And when you sit in it, I trust you will see yourself approach the throne of Goodness because of it and can glory in your well-deserved life.

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