Jesus Crucified Image by Devcager


Undoubtedly, suffering of any kind is present and mysterious.  I say this knowing two persons close to me.  Marie’s blood test still shows cancer cells and Joanna struggles with  abuse.  My heart is heavy with sadness for each of them.  That is why Jesus allowed himself to be crucified for our redemption.  I hear Jesus say, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”  Luke 23:34

There was a time when I felt others crucifying me, so I acknowledged I was at the foot of the cross, when immediately Jesus showed me otherwise.  With eyes closed, He drew me to his body and I began to cling over him on the cross.  Today, I still see myself holding on to Jesus in this manner, but with greater confidence in his mercy and love.

“As soon as we become unafraid of the crosses in our life we discover happiness, then all suffering – physical, mental or moral – disappear.”  –Josemaria Escriva’

The remedy is to pray.  Jesus is not repulsed by our gnawing failings and ugly bruises.  He waits for us, for Marie and Joanna, with open arms to shows us that we are mendable and worthy of his love.  If today you feel being crucified, go to the Holy Cross for Jesus is waiting to claim you as his precious one.

One more thing…is it not miraculous that the relic of the Holy Cross survived the recent fire of Notre Dame in Paris?


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